In our current day to day life, we are often faced with choices. With more and more options available to us it is becoming harder to discern what products or services to go with. The same is true with fitness. We have a multitude of fitness professionals at our disposal and all we have to do is choose. While this sounds easy enough it can be a complicated procedure for some of us. As such I have compiled a list of several factors to consider when deciding on a trainer to guide you into fitness.

  • Cost- The first thing to consider is how much money you have or are willing to spend on your trainer. Different types of trainers come at different prices so it is important to gauge how much you are willing to part with in pursuit of your fitness goals.
  • Schedule- A lot us lead busy lives and hence we need to find trainers whose schedules match with ours.
  • Individual needs- When it comes to fitness we all have different body types and different fitness goals and hence it is important to find someone who shares our vision.
  • Qualifications- We need to consider the trainer’s qualifications inclusive of training and accreditation so as to be assured of quality.
  • Prior experience- We should find out what kinds of clients the trainer has worked with in the past and the results they have yielded.
  • Reason for training- We may be training for an athletic event, for personal body goals or just for fun. Whatever the reason we need to find someone who can best help us on our journey.
  • Personality- Our personalities tend to rub some people the wrong way. The same goes for trainers and hence it is important to have a trainer who you can relate to amicably.
  • Location- It is important to hire a trainer who is based relatively close to you.

After considering the above factors you may find yourself going for one of the following choices:

1.    Personal trainer.

With a personal trainer you will encounter the following in regards to the aforementioned factors:

  • A higher cost for more specialized services.
  • The right one will be able to work around your schedule.
  • They will cater to your specific fitness needs.
  • You can ask for their qualifications and prior experience beforehand.
  • They may be able to cater to a specific niche e.g. weight lifting or preparing to run a marathon.
  • You can find a personal trainer at your local gym.

2.    Mobile personal trainer.

For a mobile personal trainer you will find that:

  • They will charge a higher cost for personalized service and the ability to base your training anywhere.
  • They will work to give you exercises for your specific needs.
  • You get to ask about their qualifications and experience before you decide on hiring them.
  • Their schedules can be fitted around yours.
  • They are best suited for general fitness training rather than a specific niche.

You may also need to consider the location of the personal trainer, for example a trainer may only be available within 10kms of their area of operation, click here if you need a trainer around South Yarra or Prahran.

3.    In-home personal trainer.

For this type of trainer, you will find in regards to the above-mentioned factors that:

  • They will charge a high rate to be able to bring the training to your home.
  • They are able to fit the training schedule according to times you are at home.
  • They are better poised to cater to your training needs.
  • They get to bring the workout to you.
  • You can ask for their accreditation beforehand.

4.    Fitness trainer.

Although this is a general term it is what is best used to describe trainers who teach fitness classes for more than one person. What you will find with this particular trainer is that:

  • They will charge a lower rate.
  • You will have to fit your training times around their class schedules.
  • They will cater to the whole group rather than your specific needs.
  • You will have to go to where they base their fitness class unless you find a special type of fitness trainer who will come to your home be sure to check out this team to learn more.
  • You may not necessarily get the chance to ask for their qualifications or view their accreditation.