When deciding to take a holiday near the beach, one of the choices you’ll have to make is exactly where you’ll be staying. From the priciest to the cheapest, there are many options to choose from.


Sorrento Beach AccommodationAccommodation by Sorrento beach


Staying in a villa or bungalow over the water in Sorrento is probably the most expensive type of beach accommodation. This particular style of Sorrento accommodation is what most people look for when they book their travels. Step out onto your private balcony and look out directly into the ocean, or take the staircase down and step directly into the clear blue water. These can range from large 3 bedroom villas to smaller single room bungalows, contained in resorts offering all sorts of water activities, nearby beaches, bars and restaurants.


Private beach resort


Beach resorts offer private beach frontage, however you may be sharing with the other resort guests. But it’s still much less busy and more relaxing than any other busy beach. Resorts upkeep their private beaches daily, so this is a beautiful way to enjoy and sand, water and sun. They also offer lounges and sometimes even beachside drink service.


On the beach front


Staying at a hotel or resort on the beach front means you can head right out the front doors and onto the beach. Great for the standard beach atmosphere, and you don’t have to walk a lot to get there. These will generally have great ocean views, and depending on where in the world you are they can range from single story to 20+, but the higher up you stay, the more you pay for a better view. Ensure you specifically request a beach view if that’s what you want, as it does cost more and not all rooms with face the ocean. And if you like sitting on a balcony staring at the view, check that your hotel has balconies and your room features one, as some newer hotels no longer contain any balconies.


Beach view


Beach view hotels are generally a little further back from the actual shore, so that you can see the sandy shore and the ocean when looking out your window. If you love a beach view ensure you request one when booking as they do charge extra, and not every guest gets the great views. The beach might be a few minutes’ walk away, but not so far that you would have to drive.


Trek to the beach


Love to stay at the beach but don’t want to pay too much? Stay a little further inland, but still close enough that you can walk. Those long worn beach treks are sometimes part of the fun in going to the beach. You might still have views from your hotel, although they will be a little further away, or unfortunately in built up areas views may be blocked by surrounding hotels located closer to the shore.


Drive to the beach


Staying even further away from the beach means the cost of your accommodation goes down again. And on the extra plus side, driving to the beach means you can bring a bit more with you and don’t need to feel guilty for driving when it’s only a minute walk. Plus, you’ll most likely have a choice of surrounding beaches, whether you’re looking for one that is dog friendly, a surf beach, a beach with a picnic area, or just somewhere to sunbake.